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    Purplebear's little hummingbird picture :)
    Never done this before so will see if it worked, if not ...will have to find me a moderator.

    Here's one of the little girls kinda just posing for her picture on one of the feeders. Don't have a very good camera so not the best picture but here it is:
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    Ohhh, nice shot!

    She looks very regal.

    I have actually never seen them standing still. They are always fluttering around. So a rare opportunity, I think. They don't have them much around here.

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    Wow, beautiful hummingbird purplebear!
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    Congrats on being at the right place at the right time!

    Nature really is amazing, isn't it?
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    What a perfect shot!!
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    It's strange....ya go a while without seein one then ya see em a lot. Today they've been fighting each other. (not physically luckily....don't want em doin that. ) They did kinda go at each other few days back....just that one will be there and another will spot her and guess intimidate her so she'll leave. They can't just share at the same time. (even tho there's two separate feeders and the honeysuckle and other flowers just for em)

    Almost had the two of em make nice to each other and sit at same time....but nope.... Guess they thought to, we can't do that. You do kinda after a while identify them. lol This one is chirpy lol She likes to sit and just make adorable little chirpin noises the whole time. There's another one....jerky lol She just won't sit and is all skittery and always lookin around and not a peep outa her.

    Not sure why, but hardly ever see the guys. Am not an expert and certainly don't wanna sound like one. lol Have just been tryin to learn about em For the ones in my area of the country the males have red around their little throats. Forget where but somebody out there has purple ones that are sooooooo pretty. They're all the green ones here.

    oops forgot to say, you can click on the image and get a better (larger) look at her. Like I said....not the best picture but tried to get one for ya to see.

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    What a great picture. He is very cute!

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    Wow, that's a great shot. I too have only seen them flitting around. Her colours are so bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing
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    They are very territorial so maybe "Chirpy" is the one whose territory has the feeders and flowers and "Jerky" is the one sneakin' into her neighbor's!

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    sweet shot

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    That's a picture worthy of National Geographic! Very rare to get the little guys or gals standing still. Too sweet!

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