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    Pre-selling products through affiliate marketing
    Will niche affiliates pre-sell a unique, and new, product in their niche? We have a new product coming out (can't say what, yet), and we're trying to figure out whether or not we can ask bloggers/other-affiliates to pre-sell the product. They would receive a payout once the product ships (could be 30-90 days after the pre-sell is made).

    We can't logistically pay the affiliate when the pre-sell happens, so I'm trying to figure out whether it even makes sense to start an affiliate program for the product on a pre-sell basis.

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    Some affiliates actively participate in "pre-selling" soon-to-be-released products (books, DVDs, music CDs are the obvious ones -- but I recall a frenzy of affiliates promoting the Segway when Amazon started accepting pre-orders).

    Some affiliates are less active, but still generate pre-sales (I earned from pre-orders of about a dozen copies of the last Harry Potter book, from Amazon, because teachers added it to orders for other products I was promoting at the time).

    If it's a completely new merchant and product, expect skepticism. Affiliates will certainly evaluate your offer from two perspectives:
    (1) Would I buy this item from this merchant, as a consumer? and
    (2) Can I reasonably expect to be credited with the orders and paid by these folks?

    Different affiliates have different "threshholds" for these two issues -- I tend to be very conservative and distrustful, while some other affiliates are more enthusiastic about trying new things and hoping for the best.

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    I push/sell cell phones before they're out and electronics like video games & consoles, dvd movies, etc.
    Just depends on the product, if it's something that will likely have high-demand, or sell out quick, then i'll pre-sell push. If it's not such an urgent thing, then i might not push as hard.

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    Thanks guys!
    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback!

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