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    Quote Originally Posted by Haiko de Poel, Jr.
    Or is this another non-existent board or just more bucket loads of lies from them?
    I thought you said you were no longer going to comment on the PMA.
    "I am completely out of the PMA conversation - that is unless slandered again then I will defend myself on the board and all other available remedies."

    Or were you slandered again?

    Last time I asked a question invloving you, you interpreted it wrong and have since refused to return my repeated PMs to you where I apologized for that. When you misinterpret this one (I want you to comment on the PMA!!!), don't expect an apology to be initiated by me, it's your turn.

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    Post split off to keep the original thread on topic.

    As for the issues posted.

    No I wasn't slandered again but I've written off 5 seperate people who I considered friends because of their lies actions and quite frankly I didn't want the list to multiply. But, the actions of this PMA group are so transparent that it's amazing and that we as participants in the industry just roll over and let this feigned association aka social group of the usual suspects represent the voice of AM is nothing short of outf*ckingrageous. I haven't dedicated 7 years of my life to this industry for these bozos to fudge it all over for their egos and agendas. I let them have their "vote" in peace but for them to announce speakers at ecomexpo who specifically stated that they were part of a non existent group and even before the vote is over ... just screams BULL SH!T to me and I'm sure many others but I need to make sure that all hear it because it is that important. For their longevity in the industry.

    As for "our" issue, it wasn't a misunderstanding --- we both know what your impetus was, which I need not get into here. Notwithstanding, I'm still off the panel.

    Thread closed.
    Continued Success,

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