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    Link Tracking software
    Maybe there is someone out there who can jog my memory.
    A few years back I had an affiliate website.
    Then I had found a program that would count and show me exactly where a visitor clicked on my pages and or links.
    When I needed to see the report there was an overlay on the page which highlighted the location and number of clicks each link received during a given period of time, regardless as to whether the link was an internal navigation link or one to one of my merchants.
    Since my computer crashed and I can't find nor remember the name of this excellent program. All I find now are programs which require me to change each link. I have a very large number of links on my site and it would take me month to change or register each link.

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    Not sure if this is the same application that you're referring to, but CrazyEgg has the type of functionality that you've described.

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    Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.

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