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    Report Page Problems
    When I click on Daily New transactions (from the Commission Summary page), some of my individual transactions are not showing up on the report pages if I use IE6, but they do show up when I use Firefox. I tried clearing my IE6 temp files, but the results are the same.

    Also, the first report page I click shows an accurate Report Total, but subsequent report pages (for different days) show the Report Total from the first day I looked at, not for the day I just clicked. Report totals are messed up no matter which browser I use.

    This has been going on for a couple of days now.

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    This has been going on for well over a week now (maybe two weeks), and is extremely annoying. The daily reports (Commission Detail Report by Event Date) don't show accurate transaction totals when you click within the current day's report, or sometimes even the prior couple days. The totals are often wrong and incomplete. This doesn't inspire much confidence that tracking is working properly either. I don't have any evidence that tracking is not working, but if report totals are messed up to this extent (and this is new; never happened like this before in my years with CJ), that's not a good sign. It all seemed to start a couple weeks ago when the glitch with logging in began to rear its ugly head. At least the logging in problem seems to have finally been resolved.

    This report total problem is complete nonsense. Fix it already, CJ.

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    Report totals seem to be getting cached somehow - If you notice, most of the time the amount shown on the total line when incorrect is a number you've previously seen, either earlier in the day or on a previous day.

    I've actually seen this caching issue happen on the advertiser end of things in some reports, so this shouldn't really be new to CJ...

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    I've found that if I log-out of CJ and then log back in, the report page and the totals seem to load correctly. Takes a little longer than hitting refresh but is still a pretty quick fix.

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