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    Zappos Revisited ...
    Here is some information you might find relevant to Zappos.

    The problems with eBates and Upromise will supposedly be erased from the
    Zappos affiliate playbook. Basically, Zappos name will no longer be shown
    on the bad boys list, but Zappos will still keep them in the program and continue to deal with them but in a different area. The folks at Zappos know the problem. But whether this tack is the best way to solve the problem ... maybe not from the affiliate side but cutting them off would impact income.

    Zappos affiliate marketing is all CPA, but they also have a whole team of PPC maketing folks doing the Google, Yahoo and MSN dance and competing directly with the affiliates. What is amazing is that the actual number of affiliates is only about 3K.

    Zappos is going to be taking a more Amazonia tack with both their own branded products and an expanded pallet of categories. While it looks like they are abandoning their once choke hold on shoes, this adventure is mostly customer driven. Customers like the customer service and want more products besided shoes. From the Zappos side, it's hard to grow when you are maxed out in shoes.

    Zappos has discussed doing an in house affiliate program ... they say it's a big task and such ... maybe, maybe not.

    Overall, the trip to Zapposland was very informative. People really like working there. Lots of companies could benefit doing things like Zappos for their employees.

    I saw an interesting chart - for sales for yesterday ... $308K in revenue from just under 2,400 sales. What I found interesting is that this number is less than ONE per affiliate. I don't know if this was just ONE area of the operation or not. But when I asked about it, I got a vague reply that sales were huge in November.

    Is it worth working with the Zappos crew, warts and all. I'd say YES. They have the marketplace presence, they have a great reputation with their customers. Execution of new directions and maybe being too married to a specific model or idea are what I see as problems. If I was Amazon, I'd be
    looking over my shoulder because two or three years from now, Zappos is going to be a REAL player in online marketing in many things besides shoes.

    So, I will do some promoting and see what happens. From a business perspective, they are too tied to the Googler for traffic and need to branch out into a more advertising, brand building structure.

    But, if you have customers to send them, you can be assured they will go the extra mile to make those customers happy campers. The big question though is it worth it for you the affiliate to send them potential customers.

    Everyone has to answer that question based on their actual money in, money out results.

    I wish more online merchants were as transparent in taking affiliates thru their operations. It was a good day.

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    I've noticed they are branching out, but their product photos look awful. This could definitely be improved. They could do it just like they do their shoes.

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