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    "But I still have a few problems with e-coupon sites, one-stop shops that link consumers directly to hundreds of coupons, discounts and promotions. I’ve found most online coupon sites have a limited staple of merchants that offer the same discounts over and over again. "

    Part of the separation plan

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    This person obviously doesn't know where to find the really good coupon sites. Couponmountain? Give me a break!

    Connie Berg

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    I emailed her some suggestions Soon will email some local TV some suggestions too.

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    I read and digested every word of this informative article. If the cream of the crop coupon sites (All Dupers incidently) are just fronts for privacy informatiom peddlers, e-mail list brokers, Telemarketers and the survey Ad Whores those beneath them just take it to a lower level of sleeze.

    Funny all affiliate industry abuses originated with the incent Ad whores via CPC and lead fees. Remember how that led to educating commission thieves? Next step was the networks crawling in bed with those they should have kicked to the curb, and incubating, beta testing and automating the next level of Ad whores...the Adwarez BHO's. same damn group pushing incents via popups poisoning the industry further.

    Now all the incent Ad Whores, and their supporters, bring down further rath from pissed off and ripped off consumers demanding the US and World governments take legal action against the darlings of the affiliate industry. Thank all the incent Ad Whores and their supporters for the following:

    1. Demand and action to kill the Telemarketing industry for those scrapped phone #'s, spyware bots and web bugs selling shopper habits, privacy info peddlers posing as merchants.

    2. Demand for Spam legislation that makes it criminal and very costly to send ANY Opt-Out e-mail as part of a marketing campaign. Care to imagine how much legit e-mail gets blocked? Thanks to the networks and new Ad Whores like Verisign/Yahoo/Overture even Norton and others will continue to add affiliate network links to their banned list.

    3. Growth of Ad Blockers, Ad-aware type programs, and firewalls to combat the gorrilla marketers, often monitized by network merchants.

    4. Destruction of millions of shopper systems by competing buggy BHO's trashing their Windows O/S forcing Microsoft to take action to protect their brand and eliminate billions in warranty support service calls.

    5. Brand and Trademark dilution and abuse in the SE's by the spammy coupon and phoney incent specials hawking cookie setting by the "tricks for Clicks" crowd of affiliates, forcing merchants to take action against the whole group.

    6. Forcing ABWers to have to listen to the spin master of the incent industry -Wayne & Company.

    Again I call for all legit honest merchants this Holiday season, to boycott the Ad Whores and affiliate industry abusers by completely eliminating all coupons and only offer FREE freight specials. That sure would take a bite out of crime and force some here to actually have to put pre-sell and value add efforts into their sites to make commissions.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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