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    Snakes on Cars
    We just got back from vacationing in the north carolina mountains. We stayed at the top of a mountain at my parents' cabin. On Wednesday, we decided to drive to Bryson City to catch a round trip train ride to the Nantahalia Outdoor Center.

    After the train ride, we went back to our SUV and headed back to the cabin on SR74 doing about 65 when we both notice this black thing on the end of the hood. As we watched in amazement, we realized it was a long black snake that was half way out of the front grill and working it's way up the hood.

    As it came further up the hood, it was getting it's head smacked against the hood with the turbulence. The snake decided it was better off going back in the engine compartment through the grill, which is where it disappeared to. I slowed down and pulled off the freeway and tried to find it. I popped the hood but didn't see it. I decided to start poking around under the hood around the grill with the stick.

    Finally, it dropped down to the front air damn and then onto the ground where it hid under the car. I had my wife move the SUV forward to make sure it was in the grass. When she did that, I couldn't locate the snake. My first thought was this darn thing crawled back onto the car from the bottom. After looking in the grass more thoroughly, I finally found it coiled up in a ball. I jumped back in the SUV and took off.

    I tried to reach for my cell to take a picture, but it disappeared in the hood before I found my phone. That never happened before, but I am guessing he crawled in at my parents cabin since it's very remote in the woods.

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    I like snakes. Once upon a time I had a job caring for dozens of them. I'm glad the story has a happy ending for the snake and the people, too.

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    Thats creepy, its a good thing the snake didnt climb through the A/C and onto your wifes lap! That could have been uncomfortable.

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    I have been hikiing alot this year and have yet to see a snake. My dad grew up in Alabama and tells many stories of water moccasins. I grew up in Missouri and saw lots of rattle snakes, killed a few. I have yet to hear of a snake crawling out of a hood while driving. That takes the cake, would have been interesting if you slowed down and it crawled out all the way. Problem is what then?

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    That would have been great time to have something like a Flip or something else to take some video.

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