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    July 14th, 2008
    Newbie with ? re CJ on how do you know if you linked it correctly??
    Okay, You've got >/" with a ton of numbers in between. When I go to copy the whole thing from CJ it goes to a blank page, can someone please tell me exactly what part of the text html link do you copy so that CJ picks it up and gives you credit for it?

    Do you start after the http: and how much of the whole thing to you copy?

    Let's just say I want to email someone and send them my link, what part of that whole link do I copy?


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    July 14th, 2008
    Can someone who belongs to CJ send me a copied (via PM) text link example of what part you need for it to work?

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    Hi menow,


    Make sure you have signed on to the merchant to be an affiliate first.

    I can't pm you since we both don't have enough posts to use that feature.

    Here is one of the ways to get links:

    Go to >>Get Links >>By Relationship

    Under the Advertiser column you'll see the Merchant's you signed up for. Click the "View Links" or "View Products" links to get the links you want.

    You'll go to another page and on the right hand column there is a >>Get Links column.
    click "Get html"

    A pop up window will come up and you can specify some custom specs by clicking on buttons. If you want to use your link in an email campaign, click the email option. Make sure you click the 'update link'. Then copy the part in the box that says "Code". It looks like:
    <a href="http://www.************/click-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx" target="_top">
    <img src="http://www.***********/image-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx" width="234" height="60" alt="" border="0"/></a>

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    after you click the [ update link ] button you can click the [ Highlight Code / Copy Code ] button and it will highlight the link (everything you need). Then copy it and paste it right into your web page. If that's not working let us know what problems you're having.

    good luck

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    Talking Link Question
    Hi, I want to link to a product on the merchant website that doesn't have a link in the "get links" section for that merchant. Is there a way that I can construct an affiliate link to a specific product page myself?



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