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    Have any of you been having success snapping names with SnapNames?

    Last year one of my competetor's sites went offline. I kept track of it and backordered it through SnapNames a couple of months before it was due to expire.

    I also backordered it through Go Daddy just to be safe.

    Both SnapNames and Go Daddy kept me informed as it went through the deletion process.

    Then it was snapped by someone else! I looked up the info and it appears that Buy Domains got it through Has anyone ever heard of them? I wish I had... so I could have tried to snap the name from there first.

    Hopefully BuyDomains will sell the domain I wanted at a price I can afford.

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up about this company that backorders names... apparently with more success than Snap Names or Go Daddy at times.

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    Never heard of them, but I've let my Snapnames subscriptions expire because they don't win a darned thing. Namewinner is pretty good, but not even that can fend off predators like BuyDomains.

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    >Hopefully BuyDomains will sell the domain I wanted at a price I can afford.

    They always sell. $866 is usally the listyed price unless it's a worthwhile domain. If you ignore their first offer they usally get back to you a little later with a lower one.

    Pool Snap and NW generally are successful between them. Godaddy seldom.

    >but not even that can fend off predators like BuyDomains


    Hey, at least they'll sell!

    It's a first-come first-served market as it should be, and thankfully it's not illegal to transfer the name at a later date. What system do YOU want?

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