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    Cool I hate to ask!
    Hi everyone,

    I really hate to ask this because it could have already been answered. I've done a search but still haven't gotten the answer I'm looking for. As a merchant with an affiliate program I find coupon sites as a great help to my business. But with the extreme amount of pet related sites (or any other category) out there and on the sites already (including mine) how is it that mine will even be clicked on? Most coupon sites place all merchants in alphabetical order on their site. So if your site starts with anything after the letter "J" then you are on the 2nd page of listings. With this in mind those in that place are more than likely not to be clicked. (this is just my assumption). With this in mind and short of changing the name of the site how is it possible to get on the 1st page listings. I understand conversions helps but you can't necessarily get conversions if you can't get clicks. Please understand that these are just my assumptions and if it has been answered then just point me to post. I've asked several people to explain this and still have no answer So i thought I'd throw this out to the masses. I'd normally only PM someone with this question but I don't have enough posts yet. Thanks in advance

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    Why are certain items at eye level in the supermarket? Or for that matter why did they put product X right by the door when that item is located on aisle three in the middle?

    There's the answer ... consider all things are equal ... make yours stand out.

    Company name isn't even close to being a factor.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    You don't want to get on the front page of coupon sites; that doesn't matter really....who is to say people going to the page are looking to buy pet supplies right then and there.

    You want to be on the first page of search engines (whether by your site or by affiliate sites) for very-specific-pet-term.

    However to answer your question, cash payments often motivate.

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    I think you are on the right track because you are seeking out affiliates to be able to partner with on a close basis. Some of the things that you are doing like exclusive coupons and donating items for contests will definitely help. I imagine that for some affiliates it is based primarily on commission incentives or bonuses.

    For our site, we have to have a little bit of brand recognition in addition to the coupons. The brand recognition just takes a little bit of time. It doesn't mean that because you aren't the best known of the pet sites you won't end up being the best converter for any given affiliate.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is harder for the brand new merchant or the brand new affiliate. I wish you luck because you are definitely trying to learn and grow. And that's the exact kind of merchant that an affiliate like me wants to work with.
    --Tricia Meyer-- I love being the exception to the rule.

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    My suggestion is to concentrate at first on the things you can control so that your site converts better and better. Affiliates get excited about a merchant that converts well and then they give it a little extra. One of the merchants there at AvantLink was converting well on my coupon site so I put up his entire feed on another site.

    I see all your banners expire at the same time in Sept. 2008 and I'm wondering if they will redirect or something. For me it would be nice to have one small horizontal non-blinky that would be good for years.

    I see you only have one coupon. Maybe you could try some more with some variety. The coupon feed set up at AvantLink works good.

    I think you are on the right track though in time. You are affiliate friendly and that will pay off.

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    Thanks, bumpaw! Your suggestions are about the same as had in mind.

    I have the entire PUPS feed up and was wondering, hey! where's my coupons? I only have one PUPS coupon too so when I saw the complaint about placement I thought I was missing something. I have the full coupon feed too, and it's up on various sites. For a long term coupon, any Free Shipping situation is a good coupon.

    It takes a few months for the AL shops to get fully indexed especially when they are on a 'young' site, but they are set up to deliver unique titles and descriptions on each page so they do better than many other 'feed' sites at getting fully indexed and in a while the results start to show..

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    Thanks for all the comments. Please don't take this post as a complaint. It's a learning question for me in how I can operate a better affiliate program. I figure the best way for me to learn and understand what you all really want and need is to ask.

    I've extended the banners indefinately. Thanks for the Bumpaw. I'll also see what I can do about a new banner for you. More coupons are coming! I thought that this was being handled but obviously not, this is totally an oversight on my part.

    Haiko- I totally get your point...I just never thought of it that way. My thinking was in that direction but it sometimes takes someone to lay it out for me. I appreciate the comments.

    helpingmoms--- you guys have been great! I look forward to working with your group for a long time. Thanks !

    Please keep your comments coming!

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    Pups, if you contact the top coupon sites and offer coupons they will take them. If you can make them branded to the affiliate they promote them. Search Google for your top brands and add coupon to the search.

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    Going on what Chuck said, if you want to be on the home page of some coupon sites, some ways include offering the coupon site some incentive. Increased commission for home page placement, special or branded coupon in exchange for home page placement, that kind of thing. For most, merchants are just rotated. Some have new coupons on the home page, some put the best coupons, the best converting, ones they have special deals with etc.

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    Hey Jeff, I think you are on the right track. You are asking the right questions and perpetuating friendships with the right people. It just takes some time. We are all pulling for you.

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    Great thread, thanks for asking this question!

    want to be on the home page of some coupon sites, some ways include offering the coupon site some incentive. Increased commission for home page placement, special or branded coupon in exchange for home page placement
    So, is this something I can offer as a monthly special to my affiliates? I never thought about doing this and want to be sure I present it properly!

    So, if I normally give a 10% commission if I offer 15% for home page placement that would be a motivator--maybe?!?!

    Thanks to all that responded....this was a great thread!!!!!!

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