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    February 3rd, 2006
    Any advice on working the dating personals area?
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience in in running dating site, or in trying to promote others sites.

    All I know if to do a niche site (like Asian dating, Latino Dating, Christian dating, etc) and not do general (Like

    Other than that, what do you all think about running dating sites? It seems kind of fun and I like the idea that someone would find a relationship from one of my sites.

    But I dont know if its just sooooo overwhelmingly saturated that i shouldnt even bother.
    And Id like to know now before I dump lots of money in making a sit and promoting it. thanks

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    Dating should be a fun and profitable niche to work in.

    If you are going to enter into it and do not want to try to compete with the general terms, find a targeted niche like christian, black, jewish, gay, etc... and then begin building your site and content from there.

    Many of the programs pay per lead and per sale and there are tons of people always looking for love. Online isn't a new frontier but there is a huge and ever growing market for these types of services so why not jump into it.

    One thing to remember though is to warn your traffic of what they may find on the sites. Some dating sites are strictly dating and matchmaking, while others offer this, but also have sections for hookups, etc...
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    February 3rd, 2006
    Thanks Rollerblader for your feedback.
    I keep thinking that markets and niches get saturated, but I keep forgetting that theres always new people coming online to market to.

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    There is money to be made in dating, but it is competitive. If you have fun doing it, go for it, but there are easier markets to make a profit.

    Not sure I'd "dump lots of money" into this niche. What would your expenses primarily be?
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    If you are interested
    If you are interested I have a dating comparison site you could buy off me

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