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Welcome to ReptutationDefender's DoubleClick Performics Affiliate progam! You're well on your way to adding a new, valuable revenue stream to your website! We're happy to be working with you to meet this goal.

I want to get started. What are the next steps?
ReputationDefender is the pioneer in the field of Online Reputation Management. Our products are highly effective at helping people manage information on the Internet, from unwanted photographs to personally identifiable information like name and address.

Most individuals need ReputationDefender's products, yet they might not know it. Did you know:
- Most hiring managers and HR departments use search engines to research applicants?
- Men and women Google each other when they first begin dating?
- Colleagues at your company and companies you partner with look for information about you on Google and use that information to make judgements upon you? Most individuals don't realize this is the reality. At ReputationDefender, we help individuals find everything about themselves online and help them manage that information. If you're able to communicate this need to your customers, they will purchase ReputationDefender products!

We want to help you understand how important our products are to our customer and how important they will soon become for your customers. The best way to do this? Give you a deep discount on our product so you can try it yourself! Contact me for a link to get 25% off an annual service plan for any of ReputationDefender's products.

Affiliate Program Details
- $5 per signup
- 30-day commission duration
- BYOL Available
- Click here to signup!

What tools can I use to market ReputationDefender?
Please download our ads from the DoubleClick Performics interface immediately and feel free to begin PPC advertising. As a reminder, you are free to use all of our trademarks and service marks, including ReputationDefender, in your PPC advertising. However, please do not use any media trademarks that might appear on our website.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately at ppennelli[@]

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Paul Pennelli
Senior Director Marketing and Partnerships