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    EBay stock falls 14% on outlook
    In case you didn't see the article:

    400 million - wonder what percentage of that is affiliate generated - anyone know?

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    Check out VCLK

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    EBay stock falls 14% on outlook
    Looking back we (affiliates) should have seen this coming. WE knew this CJ to EPN was messing things up.

    I could of made more in one day (with some "PUT OPTIONS') than all year through EPN

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    Great News! I hope they plummet more!

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    "EBay also said Wednesday it expects revenue for the third quarter to be between $2.10 billion and $2.15 billion"
    That is still a big number

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    I instructed every person I could find to sell their eBay stock. eBay is in for a huge fall after this affiliate bannings nonsense. And, although I do have clients that are/were in ePN - I'm not in ePN myself. eBay and the Titanic are about to have something in common. I bet eBay is reading this forum and the jackass (or asses) that made these decisions are saying "Lol... These guys think they know what is best for our company, we made the right decisions, we can sleep well at night, eBay is going to continue to strive" --- Well, sorry but this is just not the case. If eBay keeps to this new plan, they are going down down down, and not just slowly.

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    I wouldn't take the stock for free, they have no future growth and now with new fees for stores people are going to start shutting them down.

    They have lost their vision over there
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    Quote Originally Posted by gkear1974
    Looking back we (affiliates) should have seen this coming. WE knew this CJ to EPN was messing things up.

    I could of made more in one day (with some "PUT OPTIONS') than all year through EPN
    Aff marketing is not responsible for eBay's income, but is a marketing technique to enhance existing sales volume. Don't lose site of the big picture and the fact that changes in the ePN likely effect the bottom line in a very limited manner.


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    they have definitely hit the downslide, unless all these sites have it backwards...

    I guess we will just have to wait & see whether all these new changes help them turn it around...

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