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    I know that many here don't care for FrontPage but it's what I started with and have been using. I have read some nice reviews of the new FrontPage coming out next month and understand that it is supposed to be improved for interactive sites.

    I also want to learn how to use the data feeds and will soon.

    Here is my question. Does any know anything about FrontPage 2003 and will this version make it easier to set up data feeds?

    Thanks for any help here.


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    I’ve disliked FrontPage for years; my preference is Namo and have used them since their start.

    You may want to look into the NEW Microsoft packs, finished reading the reviews in VarBusiness ---- Looks Good.

    For a wonderful dbase system I recommended Gossamer Threads.

    But that is just my opinion (screw the acronyms)

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