This was posted in another forum, but I was told I can post it here---

This may be deemed a highly innappropriate post, but I can't stand by and watch this anymore.

If ANYONE (who was part of the other thread today/yesterday) would like hosting set up RIGHT now, no credit card required and FREE until the end of the year (and low prices after that), please do contact me ASAP, Ill set you up today. I offer this only to anyone who has already posted in that thread previous to this post.

Ive never pretended to be bigger than I am. Im not going to disappear (sorry), and all my clients have my personal cell number and can always reach either me or one of my guys that help me (there are 3 of us at this point, the other two are much more technical, while i focus on clients).

I am right in the middle of redesigning my hosting site, and have to be honest with you, Ive never been a big time host, but for the past couple of months watching everything thats been going on, Ive decided should start taking it alot more seriously.

The only downtime my clients have had was a brief moment when we switched to the new servers. And YES downtime can and will happen, but to be honest with you, we've never had anything like this!

Now, you can say youd rather die than deal with me (many of you know who i am), or you can USE this as an opportunity to get your sites up and save a little bit of money as well.

IF you are interested, PLEASE PM ME here. If you want to move, Ill have it done today and will TRANSFER your sites for free (unless parts of it are NOT transferrable).

Also, you have privacy and confidentiality with me and we block reverse IP lookups. (I did a reverse IP on TH and found 166 clients domains listed, its very easy to do)

I also want to say that this is in NO way meant to make Tom look bad, hosting is a very competitive and nasty business sometimes and I know it isnt easy. Im really trying to help out and again, will extend this special to ANYONE who has posted above in THAT thread.

Either way, say what you will but Im really willing to help.

I wont answer any hosting questions in this forum, obviously that would not be the right thing to do. And again, making this post may not be the right thing to do, but Im taking my chances.

I know many of you have your own "opinion" of me and some of it isnt nice (oops) BUT hopefully no one will question my devotion to this industry!!

Whatever you decide, GOOD LUCK EITHER WAY!


if youre part of the problem... then dont complain about it

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