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    4Team Corporation

    I have just joined therefore I am a newbie.

    I work as an IT consultant in Australia and came across the 4Team Corporation website for a software called Sync2.

    My client needed a way to sync Outlook 2003 between 2 computers and this program fitted perfectly. My client bought it and I installed.

    Now I noticed that their website offers affiliate programs through shareasale.

    So I have joined up to become an affiliate myself.

    When I logged onto sharesale I noticed that this merchant is offline temporarily.

    What does this mean? Does it mean I will not be able to prospect or sell on their behalf?

    And if this is so, why would they be advertising affiliate programs through shareasale on their website?

    Can someone explain.

    Thanks and regards


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    Merchants must deposit money into SAS in advance so SAS can pay the affiliates. Temporarily offline usually means that they ran out of money for this purpose and should deposit more. For some merchaqnts it happens from time to time and they quickly deposit the money. For others, they have decided to not continue your affiliate program and haven't told anyone. You should check their status history to find out which catagory this merchant is.
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