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    July 19th, 2008
    Cashback script

    This is my first post. I think this is a great site

    I am thinking to offer cashback to my members. Is anyone knows any script that can append member ID into affiliate network feed so I can calculate cashback.

    Thanks very much,


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    You will need more than a simple script - you will have to explain this pretty clearly to your users.

    CJ actually has some built in capabilities to allow you to use their data APIs to add your member IDs to the end of affiliate URLs.

    You have to make sure this is OK with the particular terms of the offer though - many are very explicit about excluding any sort of an incentive program for your referrees - particularly if it is a PPL offer.

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    July 19th, 2008

    You are right, member ID needs to be append as sub-id into my affiliate ID for CJ other networks.

    You are also right for PPL programs. But I will be using it for PPA programs. I talking to two PHP programmers to work on this. Let see

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