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    Linkshare Question (Newbie)
    Hello everyone,

    I am new to Linkshare and have a few questions. Over the last few days I have 110 click throughs with iTunes marketing, 2 sales that I have confirmed, (1 being my own), yet reporting shows zero items or sales. The 2 confirmed sales were done on Wednesday and it's now Saturday. I'm also pretty sure there have been other sales yet reporting still shows zero. How long does it takes for sales to show up on these reports? I just have a bad feeling because I have 530 click throughs on linkshare products over the last month and NOT ONE sale has been recorded on the reports. On commission Junction I average a sale on 1 out of 12 click throughs so I know something is wrong. Can anyone please assure me that all sales will be recorded correctly and there is just some delay? Thanks

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    I made about 5 sales with about 500 click throughs , which is about the the same rate on CJ , GAN, SAS .

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