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    How often do you check your stats?
    Hey Everybody,

    Please share your true confessions. You see, either I'm neurotic and doing this far more than everyone else, or maybe I'm actually lax compared to other marketers...and how will I know if I don't ask?

    Does anyone else feel as if they're constantly logging into CJ, DR, LS SAS, private affiliate accounts, checking hosting stats and AdWords campaigns?

    The reason I do all this checking and rechecking is to stay on top of whether sales have slowed, (or ground to a halt) and to ensure that an AdWords campaign didn't suddenly go off line, or spike causing me to lose more than I'm making on a campaign.

    So I'll tell everybody how often I "check":

    I check my hosting stats at least twice a day.
    I log into the CJ, DR, LS, SAS, control panels maybe four to six times a day. (Less on weekends though)
    I check Adwords probably three times a day during the week.
    And I monitor my small or individual affiliate accounts at least once a day.

    Whenever I launch a new article or review page for a product my "checking" is even higher. On the bright side, I have capitalized on trends and opportunities and averted catastrophes due to frequent checking. But I can't help but wonder if other successful affiliate monitor their stats this frequently....or are the people who are doing seriously better checking more? If so, what are they checking to see?

    Or perhaps I've got undiagnosed OCD, or perhaps this is just a part of the job description of being a good affiliate marketer and I'm checking the stats "just right."

    So please "dish." How often do you check and recheck?


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    I check everything so often I qualify as a "Statsaholic" (Donuts came up with that one)

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    Perfect! All sorts of imagery comes to mind just thinking of it. But how much checking does someone have to do before they're a "statsaholic"? I'm guessing it's like "If you think you're a statsaholic, then you probably are one!"

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    What's that ol' saying? "Morning, Noon and Night!"

    i don't fool with the PPC stuff, but I like to see what's going on - especially in the summertime when I get the most travel traffic. Being a "statsaholic" is one way of checking if my servers are still functioning - OK, that's my excuse...
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    Hi, I'm TomTom and I'm a Statsaholic

    At the very, very least, I gather statistics daily. More often than not, several times throughout the day I just log in to check balances and traffic counts.

    I do use PPC and it helps to know what happens at different hours of the day.

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    I'm so bad that if I look at the clock and it's anywhere between the top of the hour and a quarter after, my thought is automatically "Better check CJ! New transactions may have posted!"

    And I only log in once or twice a day to each, but I STAY logged in all day/night long.
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    Funny you should mention PPC. For five straight years every single PPC campaign that I ran cost me more money than it made me. We're talking about a 100% failure rate.

    And I'm not the only internet marketer who admits they stink at PPC:

    Anyhow, being a such a quick study;-) After every failed campaign, I gave up on and quit PPC for good, for life! But what to do when a revenue generating page would suddenly lose it's search ranking? Tweaking the title, tags, description and content didn't bring in results like "today." So with baited breath, I always go back to the dog that bit me, the horse that kicked me, -PPC campaigns. All the while hoping I don't irritate my merchants, don't irritate my customers and figure out how to comply with Google's guidelines and somehow don't lose more than I can make. But I digress.

    So summing it all up, it's clear why someone like me would probably need to at the very least micromanage PPC...I better go check my campaigns right now...
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    I used to check everything about once a day.

    But now, I found out, the less I check the more money I (seemingly) make!

    The longest I have gone is about a week. Seems to be a parrallel with checking stats and having sex?

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    Are You A statistic Aholic Steve ?... No Ma'am.....

    Does anyone else feel as if they're constantly logging into CJ, DR, LS SAS, private affiliate accounts, checking hosting stats and AdWords campaigns?
    Hi there Working Mom....

    No ma'am. Pretty much never. I have not looked at one in like 4 months and another in going on 3.

    I look at my traffic #'s about 6 times a week or so and my valid links.

    I really have no interest in how much money I'm making or more acurately how often a transaction posts. Too time consuming.

    Now on the other hand, I got a few 23,000 USD items for sale. If I sell any, I'll look at the stats several times in disbelief to see if the respectful caring and always helpful folks at [network] reverses the sale and I would keep tabs on the keywords that brought the vistour there.

    Beyond that. Nahhh.

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    I generally check everything once a day. If something is changing, I want to know, and this is a good pulse-check.

    However, when something new starts to hit, I have an OSCD attack. I will check during breaks, leaving or coming back to the pc, leaving or coming back from dinner, before bed, etc. I just love it when new things happen and I like watching how well it's doing. After I get bored with it/used to it, it falls under the normal daily routine.

    Or, if I'm tweaking something or trying something new that's got some traffic. I don't want to waste hundreds of clicks, so I may check at different intervals.
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