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    Hacking and cracking site. Say what?
    Hi all!

    I'm running a campaign for some tech product.
    It ran nicely for a week, having great conversions.... Until today.

    About 80% of my ads were marked as "disapproved" for this campaign.
    Reason stated by google (on awdords gui): Unacceptable content.
    When clicking on the "Unacceptable content" link, I got to this page

    Apparently, I promote a hacking and cracking site

    What shall I do???

    Some issues to consider:

    1. There're many players in this niche, and their ads are running. How's that?
    2. If I just change the ads, without touching the landing page, will they run again (and do I put a ban threat on my account)?
    3. If I create a landing page (currently I have the offer on an iframe) might it help?


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    I'm not big on hacking peoples crap. This is for many reasons. So obviously I know little about it.

    I can tell you that while I am unfamiliar with your situation, the words on that page are a damn lie.

    Google DOES IN FACT support hacking ads and I can prove it. By the tens of thousands.

    My suggestion is 2 fold. 1} If you are not promoting SCUMBAGWARE then fix what you got. 2} If you ARE promoting SCUMBAGWARE get rid of it and find your self another niche bro. It's the right thing to do.

    I think Daniel M. Clark is the guy to ask about this. Whatchathank there Dan ?

    In fact I think Donuts would be a better person on this thread. Donuts ?


    Steve | Registered Linux User 453976 | PM me to view our sites. It's a Google thing.

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    Hard - pretty much impossible - to say what the problem might be without seeing the page or site in question. You pretty much summed it up, actually. Check the site, make sure you're not advertising or talking about anything that's on that list and if you are, remove it.

    I don't *think* that the iframe is the problem. Someone else may have better information about that.
    Daniel M. Clark
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    Greg Hoffman Consulting

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