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    The Daily Schedule
    I used to lease office space, which made it pretty easy to stay productive. If I was in the office - I was working off my to-do list and constantly re-formulating the plan as needed.

    I moved to a home office a while back, and it takes more discipline. I find myself working in gym shorts, not have taken a shower, not have seen the sun, not interacting with live humans and I think it affects me detrimentally.

    If I go out to lunch and meet a friend or two, that eliminates most of that. The only problem is, when I eat out - I eat large. Then I come back and the warmer afternoon and full belly makes it very hard to concentrate and be motivated.

    My new answer to that? Going to the gym right after I eat. Afterwards I feel great, am physically fatigued but mentally ready, and I get back to cranking.

    So I do this:
    Get started at 7am
    Do stuff until 11:30-12
    Go out to Lunch
    Go to Gym
    Come home and shower
    Do more stuff until 7-8-9pm (eat dinner around 6)

    I'm trying to figure out some specifics on the "do stuff" by understanding what I'm most productive at, for those times. But this schedule helps me work all day and stay on track.

    Any specifics to your schedule that help you Be All You Can Be, in the Affiliate Army?
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    My time for project work is early AM. I can easily have 5 hours of work for the day behind me by 10:30am. From there I eat lunch, do something outside, and have meetings/phone calls periodically throughout the afternoon to round out the work day. I'm usually back at it after my daughter goes to bed for an hour or two. Try to get to sleep by 9:30p...

    I REALLY like my home office..

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    9-5 In My Gym Shorts Again ?....

    I have an office that is locked to anyone outside my door. I work alone in my gym shorts too.

    I never ever interact with anyone except when I thank the cashier at the grocery store or if I'm on company biz or my DSL dies.

    I rarely go out of these doors except for my 3 mile walks and errands etc. On the rare occasion I speak to anyone, I keep it to informational/ expand my knowledge type topics {I have many}so on.

    I am a workaholic. I sleep in shifts. taking mostly power naps as I go. With no set length.

    I have spent many 36 hour days at this computer and work 20 hours a day pretty much seven days a week. I do many things here. Not just AFM.

    I take breaks by going on mini vacations to the mall, suppliers, dealers etc.

    This week I have been busy with my other businesses so I have had trouble getting to the task of finishing my latest overhaul on steves apparel.

    I may be the opposite from you. I try to cut way down on non biz related activities and try to stay focused at work.

    By doing so I am able to mix my schedule up and I stay far more alert and interested that way. If I worked on a set 9-5 schedule I'd never gotten as far as I have and certainly not as fast. I also would have likely gotten bored and tried to leap off the Rio long ago {inside joke, I forgot the ABW link to it}.

    I spend roughly 3-20 hours a week on the search engies alone. The spam on them and non relevent crapola is utter rubbish an slows me down. So research is a big part of my day at times. Understanding it is another thing all together.

    I posted this this crap the way I did so that you see that I fully get you and what you are up against.

    While we are very different in many respects I offer the following ideas:

    Exercise. Always no matter what. You're doing the right thing.
    Quiet space. Set boundries for "Daddies Quiet Time". Then stick to it. Like when daddies office door is closed, it's mommies turn. that sort of thing. this way, it applies ANYTIME THAT DOOR IS CLOSED & not some set time of day. Though you don't need to necessarily go as far as I have.
    Spend time just reflecting on stuff. God. Biz. New Ideas. I come up with my best stuff this way.
    You can obviously combine some of these activities if you wish.

    I hope you find this usefull in some small way bro

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    Me, I'm a night owl. The best work I've done in the last 12 months has always been through the nights.

    Much of this work wouldn't be possible in a 9-5 environment - once I get on a roll, it's better to finish than to put it down for the next day (hence some occasional all-nighters).

    As for exercise, yes, thanks for the reminder! I have a gym downstairs, forget sometimes how much it clears the head.

    I don't like to think of mine as as formal schedule - yes, I agree the discipline is tough sometimes, but it's the beauty of this business. Not having to account for your time! So long as the productivity is there, for me, it really doesn't matter how or when it gets accomplished..

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    Thanks for the reminder. It's time for me to go for my bike ride and then water the garden.

    Eathan Mertz

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    A blogger named Patrick Curl wrote an excellent blog entry entitled, "Time Management Skills for Easily Distracted Bloggers."

    He mentions the main basic distractions that tempt us all.
    His methods suggest a really helpful way to focus on what you'd like to get done.
    The practical steps he mentions makes time management seem possible.
    I found his blog entry very helpful.
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    Good stuff guys.

    Steve, I think you have more discipline than I do. I think years of doing this makes it more difficult.

    Good link Rhia, ironically I spent most of my morning reading productivity stuff instead of being productive. It should be worth it though, a couple things I've picked up should make a good ROI. Namely, de-cluttering my work area and learning more keyboard shortcuts.

    I love shortcuts, the ones I know already save me time. A few more here:

    I'm also thinking about starting at 6am - if I work straight through to 12, that could be an excellent production run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhia7
    A blogger named Patrick Curl wrote an excellent blog entry entitled, "Time Management Skills for Easily Distracted Bloggers."

    He mentions the main basic distractions that tempt us all.
    His methods suggest a really helpful way to focus on what you'd like to get done.
    The practical steps he mentions makes time management seem possible.
    I found his blog entry very helpful.
    Thanks Rhia7! I have had a difficult time with distractions lately - this is a great article to help me get back on track!

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    I have a list. I know I am being productive when all items are checked off and I'm left to twiddle my thumbs. I know I have not been productive when I am twiddling my thumbs and no items have been checked off.

    It's easy to be productive with a concrete list of tasks in front of your face as opposed to waking up and saying "hmm what should I do today".

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    I normally get in 14 to 16 hours a day by starting at 4:00 am. Do email and update website during my wake-up/coffee buzz time. Eat light brunch, go to karate class at noon, shower and power nap. The second shift is for my offline business designing custom homes and log cabins. I get to visit the beautiful mountain building sites about once a week and interact with trout and flyrod on the way home.

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    It's always interesting to see how others work at home and manage their time and live as a sole home business manager. Yes exercise is really important, I have a gym right between the desk & the TV so working out is only an arms length away at any time plus I go bike riding on the local circuit daily, walk to the shops and do extreme sports as well although I broke some bones a few months ago on a high vertical skateboard bowl and I have just healed so I will get back on that soon. I'm also mountain biking & motocross riding in the weekends as well as swimming, tennis & golf in the summer.

    You have to get out and socialize when you work at home as you don't have all the work mates like you get at other jobs. I like to get out and get involved with daily classes at my local organizations. I have several courses next week starting including art, music and t-shirt design which I will use those skills for my t-shirt site I'm developing. These just take up a couple of hours once a week for each course and it is a great way to socialize and also learn something that you can use on your websites etc.

    I was once a slave to my pc and would spend up to 18 hours a day but now my laptop is used more and I take it out and work at cafe's down by the beach and enjoy the surrounding while I work. Now I just work around 5 hours a day, get up at and go to bed around or and this schedule means I get to work better with US merchants better too. Even though this is a full time job most work is done from to and this is a very creative and productive time of the day. The weather also plays a big part, if it is gray or raining then I can work all day from to but if it is sunny out side then I find it hard to stay indoors.
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    Slightly envious of you. You are a full time affiliate marketer. I am only part time. Suppose I could quit the day job but My day job Rocks. Full of Adrenaline rushes and as a result I am unwilling to quit

    So I am a part time affiliate marketer. I got into this for financial security. You know that question 'if you lost your job today how would you fair?' That's what got me into this

    So as a part time marketer I put in a couple of hours weekdays and all the free time I have weekends

    Funny, although this is a sedentary 'job', it is quite addictive. Or maybe I am just addicted to learning new things. AND making some extra cash
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