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    Sales Dropped
    Hi everyone, I know it seems everytime I post a comment on here I"m asking about sales, but has anyone seen a drastic drop in sales in the past couple days? I don't want to hear about economic problems, etc. I just need to know if any other big guys are seeing a drop in commissions. Seems like since the 17th, I saw a huge drop and I can't figure out why... I do PPC and clicks have remained stable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaketheMoney
    I just need to know if any other big guys are seeing a drop in commissions.
    I guess if I'm not sure whether I'm a "big guy" then probably I'm not one.

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    I am assuming you mean CJ Performers when you say big guys..

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    My sales are either in-line with or above my 2 month average over the past week, and I'm a "big guy" I guess.

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    U wish U knew
    sales are fine.

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    We have a new trending tool (internal) and for our Little Giant Ladder program this week sales and commissions have been consistent other than a drop on Monday.

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    Sales for the company I manage are down a bit, but that is the normal trend for the niches end of the month sales (monthly orders), a slow week shouldn't be cause for alarm. It might be just that most of your customers have bills to pay being the end of the month and all.

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    Not necessarily considered a big "guy" or "gal" -- but, sales are a little slim this month for us -- particularily this week. Traffic is steady though.

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