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    To Save Gas, Shoppers Stay Home and Click

    Affiliates, get in gear!

    Hearing this on the radio this morning

    I had to look it up. I always look for a silver lining in everything and online sales are up! Big time. Gas pricing is causing more click and buy and your affiliate sites are garnering more sales.

    In talking to my suppliers, they say that most local stores that sell kites and spinners are really slowing down. Which is opposite of what I am seeing with kiteandwind.

    7 Day EPC: $19.96
    7 Day Reversal Rate: 0.00%
    7 Day Conversion Ratio: 3.56
    7 Day Average Sale: $69.59

    30 Day EPC: $13.45
    30 Day Reversal Rate: 0.00%
    30 Day Conversion Ratio: 2.87%
    30 Day Average Sale: $54.75

    My affiliates are experiencing the same kind of increases. Great Job.

    Keep working your sites, get the traffic and you will be blessed with an early Christmas!

    This year may be a real boomer through-out the affiliate arena.

    Good Winds

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    Hey Allen,

    Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing that.

    I bet at the same time these people are discovering "affiliate programs," which means it might be a good time for those involved in the affiliate training niche.

    With the state of the economy, people are looking for ways to make more money. And of course affiliate programs tend to create the "easy money" perception.

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    Does not treally translate to increased affiliate earnings. People are panicking because of the talk of a recession. They just are not spending as much
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    There's also a similar article in July's edition of Internet Retailer. I get that magazine sent to me at work and it's been pretty informative so far.

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