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    Where do I go to report FALSELY reversed commissions?
    It has happened to me THREE times with a particular merchant. These are orders I PLACED MYSELF! No--there is no condition that I cannot receive commission on orders I place, and besides I placed them under my husband's name as a corporate gift--shipping to another address.
    The orders were shipped, there is NO reasons for them to be 'reversed'. It is purely FRAUD!
    Where do I go with it?
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    I'll try to contact the top level of LinkShare because this merchant is cheating LinkShare, too. Contact the AM first.
    You can also make your point public. Name the merchant, they don't like these kind of problems to be known and it can help other affiliates. This morning, I had over $2000 of commissions reversed on an other network: Reason Test. It hurts. Well, you're never sure if it's the right reason.

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    I agree 100% with Zeus on all points. Also, if you contact the affiliate manager (and you really should before you contact Linkshare) for an explanation DO NOT tell them that they were your orders. It will be much more telling to hear their explanation as to why these orders were reversed prior to them knowing that they were placed by you. For instance if they say the products were out of stock, that the credit card wasn't approved or they were in some other way fraudulent you know that they are being totally dishonest.

    Hopefully you'll recover your commissions on these orders, however you may want to reconsider your future relationship with this merchant based on their response. If they lie about the reversals make sure that you provide that information to Linkshare also and drop them like the plague.

    It would probably be a good idea to post the name of the merchant also as Zeus said. Others may have had similar experiences with this merchant and it can be good to compare notes and also serve as a warning.

    Good luck.

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    Please list the merchant. I have a tread - - going about Office Depot. This was an order that I placed also. I am not getting a commission because their Small Business Unit claimed the sale. I also could not find anything in the Terms for Office Depot about a Small Business Unit. It is surprising what merchants do to get out of paying commissions!!!!
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    Yes, please list the merchant so there can be a full airing of the subject. These threads are becoming all to common these days.

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