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    Some important DataFeed Observations for developers
    1) Datafeeds from different programs do not always include ALL of the same fields
    2) There is no defined Specification for categories - sub cats - sub sub cats - etc delimeters. Categories are defined in a single field and can be delimited by several different characters ie. > - :
    In some records they have even used more then one of the delimiters in the single field making recursion almost impossible
    3) There is no limit to the depth of sub categories subs so you will have to define a recursive category table when importing data

    A Specification really needs to be defined here to make developing an application against the feeds a more reasonable task.

    Just my two cents.

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    Prefict - there have been many discussions and even some standardization efforts here on ABW. Search for "datafeed" together with other keywords (field, standard, problems, invalid, ISBN, substitution, mapping, etc.) to find some discussions. You'll find posts like this one which would lead you to this one, and you can follow the links within these threads to other discussion threads here on ABW.

    I've recently started a number of discussions about datafeeds, including Identifying "problematic" text strings in datafeeds; or check out the list of discussion threads I've started. (I don't recall what, if anything, I may have posted about datafeed standardization, though I certainly think it's a really good idea.)

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    Exclamation so maybe we need to create a standard
    I think we (all of us affiliate type developers) should create a standard. In much the same way that HTML or RSS is a comunity based standard. Anybody up for creating an AFFDF (Affiliate Data Feed) standard. We'll get a put up a message board and create some serious standards. Anybody with me?

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    Sorry was a little quick on that reply
    I had not read the whole thread from the links you posted.

    Ok so some sort of standard has been attempted and not too badly but what is with the tab delimited text file???? Their is no way of checking that for standards compliance.

    It HAS to be XML

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