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    New Application & Deactivated Account
    I've had both Google AdSense and AdWords accounts for about 3 or 4 years now.

    About two weeks ago I submitted an application for new Google Affiliate Network as a publisher and was denied. I made a 2nd application and account was pending for about a week but now when I log in it says the account is "deactivated". Does this mean still pending or am I just SOL here.

    My sites are pretty straight forward, nothing shady, and are well designed not to mention that the majority of them have been online 10+ years. I'm finding it hard to believe that a person actually reviewed my application and denied it with good reason.

    Is there anyone I can call or email to find out what is really going on? The deadline looms for the Google referral program and I really need some good ads to fill this premium ad space. I've done very well with Google and have been able to double my advertising budget every year for the last 3 years to about 40K.

    I can't believe that Google or DoubleClick would let a customer / partner like me get away. I have really enjoyed working with Google for all these years but if they don't want to work with me anymore a large portion of my advertising is going to go somewhere else like Microsoft.


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    I just responded to your exact post in the other thread.

    Thank you,


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