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    DNS exploit in the news
    I just saw this now, and can't find it here via search.

    In Washington Post/technology/Securityfix.

    Fortify Your Internet Security Settings Now

    The Web became a substantially more dangerous place this week, thanks largely to the publication of instructions that show cyber criminals how to exploit a pervasive, critical flaw in the Internet infrastructure.

    While Internet service providers and corporations can mitigate the danger by updating the software that powers vulnerable components of their networks, data released yesterday indicates that only about half of the world's online population is currently protected by these updates. ...

    But according to research released this month, most of those DNS servers are vulnerable to a security flaw that allows miscreants to silently alter the virtual road maps that those systems rely on to route traffic. As a result, a cyber criminal could trivially rewrite those records so that when customers of a vulnerable ISP or network provider try to visit a particular Web site, they are instead taken to a counterfeit site created by the bad guys.
    The report says that most ISPs have applied the patch already, but half of the internet population is still vulnerable.

    I can see where if enough of them get attacked, it could seriously damage e-commerce. Dox Para Research has a DNS checker button on its blog that can tell you if the server you use has been patched or not. I wondering if it might be worth putting this button on my website (if that is possible) if the problem starts getting a lot of publicity.

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    I think that's the same problem that DNSstuff has a test for here. They have a free test to check your DNS servers.

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