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    Amazon in PopShops?
    Will there ever be a way to include Amazon products in PopShops (or is there a way to do it currently?? I know there are separate Wordpress plug-ins for including Amazon products in posts, but it would be great if there were an easy way to include their items in stores.

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    Yes, sadly I'm in California
    That'd be pretty sweet if we could.

    The last few times I've tried to incorporate Amazon into other tools, it's been a disaster. I've relented and confined my Amazon displays strictly to their own provided tools and widgets. To me this is an unsatisfactory but necessary approach.

    Of course, I firmly believe that every merchant on the planet should be in PopShops about 40 seconds after they decide to open an affiliate program of any heft, and certainly before they begin looking for affiliate publishers. I'd also like to see all networks participate in PopShops and indicate on each merchant page whether or not that merchant is in PopShops (or in the process).

    Can you tell that I'm just a wee bit biased toward PopShops..?

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