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    Either Amazon is wrong or Google is missing clicks.
    I started a new Adwords campaign just a few days ago to drive Amazon affiliate links.

    If I can get enough conversions to drive my Amazon percentage over 6%, it becomes worth it to give up some real estate on my site to Amazon affiliate links.

    Anyway, I made a couple simple ads on Adwords as a test and managed to get a meager 3 clicks per day through to Amazon for the past three days. Oddly enough, it's been exactly 3 clicks every day (not enough to come close to my budget amount).

    So Google is telling me and charging me for 3 clicks per day. However, Amazon Affiliates is reporting that I've had 12, 14, and 6 Unique Visitors each of those three days.

    This is a brand new Affiliate account, and I only have these few ads pointing to it.

    So what gives? Either Google is leaving money on the table by misrepresenting my number of clicks or Amazon is inflating the number of Unique Visitors.

    At first I thought it might be me testing my links, but I purposefully have stayed away from Amazon all day yesterday, and it still reports twice the number of visitor than have clicked via Google.

    Anyone have some magic insight?
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    Amazon may not be filtering out spiders or you could be picking up traffic through natural search engine listings or users who stumble upon your site.

    You need to check the statistics in your log file analysis software. If your hosting service offers Webalizer of AwStats, you will find more accurate info there.
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    Finally figured this out through trial and error on another site. It wasn't natural traffic since I was ONLY doing Adwords for that affiliate ID.

    Amazon isn't reporting Unique Visitors, it's reporting Clicks. And those 3 people clicked multiple times, basically shopping around Amazon on my affiliate tag.

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