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    Deduct a Donation?
    I use music from for background for videos. It is free but they encourage donations, as many services do. So I gave a small donation. Can I claim this as an expense when doing taxes?
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    Can I write Off A Hobby Donation ?....

    As long as it is to a 501(c), yes. though there are exceptions, this includes the red cross, churches, Homeless Out Reach, max factor ~ Oh wait a minute, he's not a 501(c), he's just in prison.

    United way, Volunteers Of America, campaign funds, political activities some times.

    a guy with a hobby is not likely to fall into this category unless you can show that 80% of the object in question is is used in your biz. Often some thing are allowed a prorated deduction based on the usage %. But that's a royal pain in the ass. Billy K got it right when he decided to have 2 cars. The IRS is a punk.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you file your return as a business and your videos are for the purpose of creating income through your business, then yes, this would be a business expense.


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