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    Mixing API's from Popular Affilliate Programs
    I'm pretty familiar with the basics of PHP/MySQL, however XML and throwing these API's into the mix is a bit a of new topic for me.

    Is it very doable to have a PHP script with a search query that brings back ordered results from a combination of major API feeds?

    So basically someone searches for "hiking shoes" and the PHP code accesses, for example, Commission Junction, Amazon, and LinkShare's API feeds and brings back one set of results for "hiking shoes" which is then ordered and displayed to the user as static content. And just basic attributes would be showed that all API's share like Name, Link, URL, Price, Store Name (For example).

    Is something like this very possible? I'm really just wondering because I'm trying to figure out whether or not I want to hire someone to do this for me? If you guys say this is something that's fairly straight forward it'll really help me get an idea of how much I should be paying someone to do this simple search script. (Remember I'm an API newbie )

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    It's feasible - but not suited to high traffic dynamic sites due to the time required so make the relevant calls to each merchant, merge the results, etc. so you would probably be looking at caching the results in some manner.

    (However note that the T&Cs of some merchants, e.g. Amazon state that the data you display on your site must reflect the actual price displayed on their site, so you would be looking at refreshing that data regularly not to breach these).

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    It can be done but you will run into a problem with the cj api. I have build a wordpress integration of the cj api and i can tell you that using it as a real time search for your customers is not something you want to do as it's Slowwwwwwwww
    So you need to store the data in cach and then you have a problem with Amazon indeed.
    What you can do is use some AJAX magic and call the api's at the same time but use each as a seperate call and update the div's when results are coming in. Next after all results are in the customer can sort etc etc as with each result you also inserted it into a temp table. Keep that data a day and flush it.

    Just thinking out loud

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