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    Number of Sponsored links in Google-good indicator?
    Hi Everyone,

    A successful mentor of mine, told me to always look on the right hand side of the Google Results page and check out how many listings there are for advertisers...and...if there is maximum only 2 to 3, possibly 4, drop that niche and go onto the next one, as that should be a 'red-flag' that not many people are interested in paying for advertising for that niche. (this niche had 1 and half million results when typed in using 'quotation marks').

    HOWEVER, when I go into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool External page, the numbers show otherwise with large,numerous searches and decent CPCs??? So how do I precisely determine if this niche is profitable due to these apparent conflicting signs?

    I then went back and typed in 2 markets that i knew would have millions of results - Diabetes - 98 million and Sex Toys - 25 million. Now this is where I get confused..

    If you have such high numbers returning for your search, how come in Sex Toys for example (no I'm not going to promote that, was just using that as a trial), of 25 million results, there was only 1 advertiser??? I would have thought there would have been scores and scores, given such a popular market?

    I know I'm most probably assessing this incorrectly, thus my humble request for your help.

    Thanks for listening,

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    1 advertiser for sex toys? What are you talking about? Google has tons of ads for that term

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    What country are you performing your searches from? Also, something to keep in mind is that Google can return much different listings, ads, and overall numbers of the search term based on your Safe Search filtering preferences. Just an interesting tidbit.

    I don't know if I have ever directly used the method your mentor suggests, but I may have indirectly let those results influence my decisions. Like others have said in previous threads, you should do what interests you...not necessarily what is going to make you the most money.


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    I just typed in Sex toys, both with, and without quotes, and literally, only one advertiser came up - "Singapore...........'

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    I'm searching from over here in Southeast Asia...'however'....

    I don't at all use the country's own Google engine, but the one for the States.

    Now i realize that that these countries over here, can get a little picky and finicky with 'sex-related' stuff on the web and maybe they have some 'secret underground web-ninjas' that monitor even the US. Google searches from this country......however I doubt it very much

    So what I did, was typed in the health term 'diabetes', that has no sexual-related connotations and only 3 advertisers came out??? now that's strange!

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    Ads are probably geo-targeted. Try going through a US proxy.
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