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    I have a very targetted link on my site, and this month I've sent the merchant almost 1,000 clicks with no sales. Last month I sent 2,300 clicks and did manage 6 sales, but it's been quite a while since I've seen anything so I'd like to "check their tracking", hopefully without making a secret-shopper purchase.

    Since this merchant has a 30-day cookie, I'd like to figure out how to check to see if that cookie is being set when I click through to their site. Is the cookie being set by the qksrv server? Is it being set by the merchant? Is more than one cookie being set?

    Can anyone explain the technical details of CJ tracking, even at a high level?



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    Check in your browser setting where it stores cookies and then take a look at which ones get set as clicked.

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    Cookies are stored on your pc and can be stored in different places depending on your merchant and your PC. The easiest way to determine where a merchants cookies are is to use the "find" utility.

    Cookies are stored with a .txt extension so, if you look for files with a name of "*.txt" containg "merchant name" (or a portion of it), you can usually find where the cookie is being written and can look at the information in it which is rarely very helpful at a glance. Sometimes you'll see multiple cookies by the same merchant.

    Usually the cookie has an identifiable affiliate ID in it (sometimes much of the data seems encrypted). In any cases, if you can't find the cookie it doesn't necessarily mean it isn't being written (they may be writting cookie with a name other than "merchant name" in it) If you can;'t find it contact the merchant or post a message here and maybe someone else will help find it or verify a cookie isn't being written.

    Of course, being to identify the cookie and the affiliate id in it is necessary to dectect other problems such as it being overwritten.

    You have to be somewhat of a detective to figure this stuff out and monitor it to see if your cookies are being overwritten and then.... Overwritten by who.

    It's a shame but at this point, I see merchants doing popups of there own and I don't even trust them from not overwritting a cookie themselves. It seems to me that the sites where the merchant themselves display popups have a very poor track record of conversions. I'm not sure if this due to hanky panky going on or the fact that consumers have gotten so ticked off that when they see a popup or have to enter personal information to get a quote they just leave and don't come back. Not sure if the merchant you're describing fits this scenario or not but it's some goo food for thought about promoting merchants like this.

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