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    not able to read orangelinks_mmddyyyy.xls thru php
    I am trying to read orange links file using php on linux but i am getting error "file ??? is not readable". I am making use of PHP excel reader. I am trying to read the excel from the FTP folder where performics/google dropped the file. If I open that file in editor, copy all data into excel on local machine and then saveas "97-2003" version of spreadsheet and upload that file, then my php script can read that. Is there anything I can do it solve this problem.


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    The orangelinks files are just txt files. You can open and read them in php using the plain old fopen function.

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    Open the file manually in Microsoft Excel and click on "Save As" and save it as .csv

    That will convert it from Microsoft Excel format to plain text .csv

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