Hi everyone. I'm a CC newbie. Thanks in advance for the info.

First, what is your RPM for credit card deals? How much money do you make per one thousand impressions?

Second, I'm looking for a credit card affiliate program that:

1. Adds value to user experience. For example, I especially like programs that offers tools for sorting cards by rewards or APR. This way my website is providing a service as well as making a sale.

2. Provides accurate information. My visitors are longtime fans of the website. I want them to keep coming back. What I've noticed about these affiliate programs is that a lot of times they describe the APR as "up to x%." Well what does "up to" mean? Seems a bit vague. I also want a program that provides the BEST deals to my readers, and not just push some horrible deal because it pays the best affiliate rev share.

3. Good conversion and pays on time. This is not as important as 1 & 2, but still nice.

I've searched through the forums and haven't seen a lot of recent threads focused on user experience or accurate information.

So far, I think my favorite is creditcards.com Their example site looks decent:


Are there other programs I should consider given my criteria? Thanks again!