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    FOX&Friends - Make $$$ with your Blog
    Fox & Friends just did a very short segment on making money with your blog. A woman named Carmen Spencer, gave these tips.
    1. pick a subject.
    2. pick a good name.
    3. choose a blog platform - described free ones.
    4. put ads on your site - she only mentioned adsense.

    But what amazed me is that she didn't mention the name of her site. Or she mentioned it so fast that I didn't catch it. (I would have been wearing a hat with it plastered on the front!) I might not have her name exactly right, because they didn't put it on the screen.

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    I saw that on Fox.

    I don't think she mentioned her site. She was just presented as a blogging mom.

    That was pretty basic advice, but good for the noobs who are interested.
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    Didn't see this until now. The "Mom to the Screaming Masses" blogger is Carmen Staicer. You can see the piece on her here:

    Her blog is

    (Note: I have no association with this story - just wanted to help out
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    Interesting. It seems a bit over simplified. What really makes for a successful blog is great content and time.

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    Well if you was making so much money from a site in a certian niche why would she want people to do the same and have more competition in the niche? probly why she dodnt mention her own site.

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    She probably hired a publicist to get her on the morning show for a quick 1 min... :rolleyes... I've heard of affiliates doing this- makes for good "as seen on" with video proof... tacky- yet seems like a definate rain maker, provided you remember to mention the name of your site!

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    This thread was started over a YEAR ago. Some newbies resurrected it a few days ago, apparently.

    No wonder it seemed so confusing when I tried to follow some of the links.

    Will ABW ever do anything to make such comebacks from the dead less likely? I usually notice such time frames on old threads, but this one got me. LOL!
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    Legitimate re-animations of threads from more than 90 or 120 days in the past have got to be pretty rare... couldn't we lock down all threads older than that and have a link to a request that members can make to the mods for unlocking?
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    We won't be making any site modifications until the upgrade is complete, but this is certainly one we would like to address.

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    Awwhh, I got excited and thought Aunt Lily was back. I really miss her

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