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    Question Arizona Indian Jewelry - umm own affiliate store?
    Am not sure if I should be rrrggghhh'ng or not. Am not sure if any of the rest of you are with them or not?? (Arizona Indian Jewelry)

    Made a search and ecomcity had gotten a few sales with them back in 06 but couldn't find anything since then. According to SAS uhh last sale was back in Oct. 06. Last compliance test was 12/07. (Never have quite understood exactly what it means)

    Since one of my favorite people here isn't gonna have his jewelry program any longer I've kinda been scrambling to replace jewelry similar to his. Felt bad that the program was ending and even worse now that I discovered something that may have taken sales from his site possibly if any of my visitors visited the other site instead of his.

    Normally I always give the benefit of the doubt but given what it says at SAS...ummm inclined not to maybe on this one. (altho am still not ruling it out so may possibly have a good explanation) Don't feel like tryin to contact them thru SAS since last few times have been a waste of time. Figure someone here may know??

    At their site it says "Visit our affiliate store: Bearlanders Trading Co." on several pages (may be on all but didn't look), when clicked it goes to Bearlanders Trading Co. Since it leaves the Arizona site....ummm have a feelin any comm. probably went with any clicker.

    Have any of you had any sales with them or know anything about them? Doubt it but would they have the cross tracking?? yea, I know.....I'm thinkin even as I'm writing this.... lol probably shouldn't be giving them the benefit of the doubt Just figured I'd ask tho and may be somebody knows somethin??

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    Maybe instead of this I should just replace the page with a 88x31 pixel banner till they explain why sales aren't showing up from targeted traffic... Last sale was someting last year.
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