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    Affiliate marketing in India, does it work?

    I wonder, does the affiliate marketing in India work? Though India is a developing country and is growing at a very rapid pace, but still people are a bit orthodox minded. they still prefer investing more in the billboards to get more leads without any tracking system. To actually analyze whether their marketing budget spent was worth or not.

    I have already posted some sort of same post at, have some very good responses as well, however, I am still not been able to figure out whether it's the right to go ahead with my thoughts to start with Affiliate marketing in India, please advise.

    Also, please advise- from my website can I focus on to various verticals at the same time ( i can merchants from Finance vertical| Telecom| Fashion| etc.) or does the business should be focussed to only one vertical. I am not clear with this.

    I would appreciate if you could please let me know some of the best affiliate marketing websites (purely affiliate websites) so that I can review the websites and can plan accordingly.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks

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    Hi D, I know you're just continuing your research, but I don't think you should expect some of the successful (or best) affiliates to share their sites in this case. Please keep in mind that while we all try to help each other, at the same time, many of us promote the same merchants. What works for me may not work for the next person, and also I may not want to share that "working" strategy

    Most sites fall under the following classifications: content (incl blogs & articles), coupons/deals, or shopping sites.

    Not all merchants allow all types of sites either.

    All, or none, of these can succeed.. depends on what you put in, and your own strategy.

    It also doesn't sound like you have decided on a niche - no one else's site will help there, it has to be something you are interested in!

    You have an interesting decision to make, but you should follow the comments from the other thread. Where you are domiciled isn't as much of a barrier to entry into affiliate marketing as you might think (unless you want to bring Indian merchants on-board to more local publishers). I'm in Canada, but don't promote canadian merchants specifically.

    Good luck!

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    jacked by sylon
    You can have a site devoted to one theme (example - women's clothing) or you can have a site that is a shopping mall and had 100's of merchants.

    No one here is going to tell you their site and it is against forum rules to post other affiliate sites that aren't yours.

    Go to Google and search for things that you might sell.

    Look at the search results and click through to some of the sites. If the sites have products to sell and you don't see a shopping cart on the site - it is probably an affiliate site. Click on one of the buy links and see if it takes you to a different site to buy the product. If it does it's an affiliate site.

    Here's some India links I found:

    Many more here
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    I spoke with a local small business marketer who is Brazilian. She tried affiliate links on websites that spoke to the Brazilian market (Portuguese). These didn't work because few Brazilians posses credit cards. They will go so far as to go to a bank and transfer money when buying online. Since this doesn't work for an affiliate and they do not have a PayPal like system she employed AdSense. In this way her sites (primarily content) would get paid for visitors that clicked through the ads and made payment arrangements with the merchant.

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    Thats an interesting point Chuck.

    What about Brazilian affiliates and others promoting Pre Pay Debit cards so users in countries without regular cards can still access merchants and buy products.
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    I will have to check on that one, the conversation was a year ago so it could have changed.

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    Affiliate marketing is big in India, though more focused on Services than retail. You should contact Harry from Mondera, he's based there and has a lot of insight into the Indian market. Lead Gen, Matrimonial Sites, Ticketing etc are all very big there.

    Offline payments, COD, mobile billing etc all get around the credit card penetration issues


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    Hi devilseye7130,

    Sorry i was away from ABW for the last few days!! Well at present, air Ticketing, financial and Matrimonial sites are at its best in online at India.

    And also i would second what Burgerboy said, Check those Networks in India. Those are some of the best Indian Networks for you to look.

    If you need any help feel free to contact me Harry [at] Mondera dot com I will be more than happy to suggest you few affiliate sites in India.

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    Hi, from a merchants perspective (financial product), one of our top affiliates is Indian and brings many Indian clients. His site is pretty basic, content and banners. We've had good success there. We use various deposit and payment methods, credit cards, e-currencies and wire transfers so we haven't had any issues with payments or communication for that matter. It might be worth giving it a try, esp if you have one of the services mentioned in previous posts.

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