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    One of the world’s largest “make money online” forums is for sale! is an online discussion forum, dedicated to discussions on everything related to making money online, with forum categories on topics such as 'paid to programs' (probably the hottest topic), affiliate marketing, internet marketing and more.

    GetPaidForum, or "GPF" in short, is admittedly one of the largest forums online with 4.5+ million posts and 92.000+ members.

    Due to the large number of other websites we’re running we can no longer give GPF the attention it deserves and have therefore decided to sell the site.

    Click on the link for more information about the auction:

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    Hey there getpaidforum, welcome to ABW!

    I really think you'd get many more interested parties to the auction if you went the route of add to Google calender instead of the aweber form. Besides that, could you give any additional information like - starting price, reserve and/or expected price range?

    Also who is auctioning it? What will be the process there and what are the checks and balances on that side?
    Continued Success,

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    2.29 Zimbabwe money

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    Their site is not working......... So I bid $10

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    I'll see your $10 and raise you $1.
    Daniel M. Clark
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    Greg Hoffman Consulting

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    I heard there was a site you could sell things like this... what was it called... hmm... oh yea EBAY. Ever hear of it?

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