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    Remote worker opportunities
    Hi Guys,

    I am not sure if this is the correct thread to post on so please correct me if it is not (its my 1st post). I am currently looking at seeing if there are any opportunities for any affiliate manager type jobs where one can work remotely (I am looking for more flexibility as I am moving from the UK to the USA permanently within the next few months) . I have a few years experience at this and I would be willing to look at anything fulltime or part-time or even one-off contracts depending on what your needs are.

    If anyone knows of any opportunities I would love to hear them or chat to you in more detail to see how my experience could help.

    Pease feel free to PM me for my résumé and contact details.



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    I don't think you can access PMs at present as you have only one post, you may want to post an email address that people can contact you at


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    Fantastic point Chris!
    Fantastic point Chris!

    Rather than PM me please feel free to email me at

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