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    Can suspicious activity impact SERP?
    This could be a dumb question..

    One of my sites continues to move up/down in natural SERP every few wks. While I realize google is in a constant state of flux, the structure of this site is directly correlated to sales. When it's up, it makes money (can't say that for all my sites) so it's tough to be patient.

    SERP went up mid-June, but took a nosedive (again) in early July. Hasn't come back up yet.

    I'm not too familiar with server-side logs, but just reviewed ...

    Since June, I've had 3 IP addresses MAJORLY visiting one page, which contains an ajax script. As of today, I blocked the hosts, saw an immediate response in my error_log, so I know it worked. These IPs aren't search engines, etc. I did the ip lookup before banning..

    Obviously that page has a vulnerability, I'm not sure why, but I can take it offline. It's a copy of a signup page, only with additional content (the original sign-up page wasn't impacted).

    This domain has been around since 11/06, in its current state since Dec '07.

    My original content site (Jan 06) is consistently well-placed, so I know my niche. I've done everything by the book - submit sitemap, good tags, relevant info, etc.

    Can this type of suspicious activity have an impact on SERP..?

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    .. as a follow-up question, now that I'm aware of server-side logs (not just stat-counting stuff), do many of you monitor these regularly for your affiliate sites ..?

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    I monitor the raw access logs when my other stats tell me things are unusual and whenever it seems I haven't done that for awhile. You can set it up in ControlPanel to save a copy from each day so if you need to check back, it's easy to do.

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