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    $0 Commissions for The Company Store & Domestications
    I get at least a sale a day from both The Company Store and Domestications each with $0 commissions. Often the sale is between $100-$200 and says advanced sale. I realize that you don't get commission until items ship. But, it doesn't appear that most of the time, they ever come back to credit my account. 2 months ago I sent both companies emails for the last 6 months with the orders I believe they need to recheck. Neither AM has ever acknowledged me. It is really starting to make me mad as I sent them each at least 1-3 orders a day. CJ is no help. They just refer me back to the individual companies. Any other suggestions?

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    I suppose you could try calling the companies and trying to reach the affiliate manager. Perhaps someone here will provide better contact info for you to use.

    One possibility here is that you may be promoting products for which the merchants accept advance orders, but later are unable to fulfill. This can be a problem with merchants whose datafeeds or web sites contain "stale inventory information," as they may solicit or even accept orders for products that are simply no longer available. If you discover that this is the problem, you might find a solution or you might find that it's unavoidable with these particular merchants. (I don't have any experience with either.)

    Ultimately, you need to decide whether the advertising fees (commissions) that you do collect from these merchants are enough to justify continuing your relationship with them. You might need to test other merchants' links in place of these merchants, to see if you could earn more money with other links; you might find that there are no acceptable substitutes for the products offered.

    In the past, I've had sites that were profitable due to the success of links to a particular merchant, and then that merchant's performance dropped. In one case, I experimented with links to other merchants (and with different link strategies to the previous merchant) and eventually concluded (based on the reduced performance) that I could not justify the time required to update the site; I allowed it to become "stale" and watched the revenue plummet for several months before I eventually abandoned the site entirely. In other cases, I've found substitute merchants and ended up earning more money than before.

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    I had many $0 commissions from various Starwood hotel brands that I reported to the affiliate manager, the CJ program manager and CJ customer service. Nothing was done about it for almost two months.

    Since CJ manages these programs, they exhibited a clear conflict of interest by not forcing the merchant into compliance in a timely manner.

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    CJ does not manage Hanover Brands (company store and domestications) they are managed by Partnercentric, and the contact info is in their emails.

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