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Thread: Just One Question About The Default Term.

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    Just One Question About The Default Term.
    Hi Bob,

    I have a question about the new Program Term!

    I just saw the pending action link on CJ, but when I went to accept the new program terms, I noticed this:

    Program Term: / Default Term
    4. Action: Sale

    Are the .uk terms supose to be there for US affiliates, or was there a mistake made somewhere?

    Btw, I am also an affiliate on SAS, but I have not seen any .uk terms there.

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    Hi Mr. Sal,

    The UK terms were already in the old terms...the only change at CJ is the addition of sunglasses at a 5% flat rate.

    We've included and LensCatalogue in the same term so affiliates won't need to contact us directly to move into a new set of terms to promote LensCatalogue.

    It's much easier for affiliates and us...join once and all creatives are readily available for both programs. You can promote one or the other or both with no hassle. We have separate product feeds though so you won't have to worry about bringing in Lens Catalogue products if you only intend to promote AC Lens and vice versa. can also be converted to GBP, YEN, CAD, and EURO's with little work giving you another international option should you choose to move in that direction. So far it has worked out well, especially with shopping sites that promote in several countries.

    We do not currently have Lens Catalogue with SAS. I believe we needed to create an entirely new account for that which we haven't explored to date. I may speak with SAS about it at Affiliate Summit. I'll update you should anything develop.

    When you have the time, fire over your account numbers and I'll bump you to our ABW commission rate.

    Hope that info helps...let me know if you have any other questions.


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