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    Commission Check Mistake and Deposit Problem

    i don't know is it less strict in bank check deposit in United States regarding the above sitiuation.

    Here our banks refuse to accept

    1. spelling/typing mistake of payee name.

    2. Payee Name should be complete and in full ( missing middle name or last name not ok)

    3. Merchants not using the identical information provided in affiliate profile when preparing checks or address.

    4. Using either website title, domain url as payee name, even though the affiliate has clearly mentioned payee name is his personal name or company name.

    5. Imcomplete adddress by the merchant, not by the affiliate, causing postal error.

    Delay in getting a new replacement check is not a big problem.

    But it happened to me before that, once i mailed back the wrong payee check to the merchant, that merchant by chance filed Chapter 11 and i do not get anything later.

    Every month i have to mail back at least one check to the merchants in US.

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    Ever think of changing your name, I don't think they'd misspell John Smith

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    1. not just mispell case as i mentioned above.

    2. i think for a careless staff, he/ she can make mistake on even a common name.

    affiliates/webmasters are trained to be very careful. You should agree on what i say.

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    Compared to, here is New York, we have more "liberal" banking. Once a indy merchant sent me a check payable to my site name, which I didn't have have business account for, the bank didn't accept it. Then I put my name next to the site name with a different color pen, and they took it.

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    The bank just call me a minute ago.

    One more check was returned to me

    words and figure not match,
    something like

    $49.00 and
    Forty-nine dollars and thirty four cents.

    The local bank here will not send such check to U.S. for check clearing.

    Now i think US banks are more liberal than our banks.

    But if payee name can change like you mentioned,
    i understand why US people like to steal other people's checks. or why U.S. people fear check postal error.

    But here, the bank are very strict,
    People getting another person's check have no luck to deposit to the bank.

    Now i have to pick up this check again from by bank and mailed back to this US merchant.

    I wish i can complain our local bank being too strict causing me trouble.
    But in fact they are right in their position.

    Is it because US people write check in mistake is very common such that the US bank adopt a liberal policy ??

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    For computer-printed check,
    please avoid subsequest modification, addition to the check by pen, better off print a new one.

    The bank always spend another 10 minutes to question me about the check or even reject it.

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    just saw another case from another forum:

    The merchant commited the same mistake three times, using the affiliate "log in name" as payee name.

    How careless this merchant is ?
    When ask for help issuing replacement check, they do not reply to the emails.

    Thus, it is just too much trouble trying to get replacement check.

    Invalid checks:
    It is like money in your hand but you cannot use it.

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