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    Complying with the NY Affiliates Agreement Letter
    It occurred to me that there are some situations where affiliates might find themselvse to be non-compliant with the NY Affiliates Agreement Letter. Those situations include promoting merchants through social and shopping webs like:


    to name just two. There are many others.

    For example, I use Kaboodle to drive traffic to my web sites. I don't name the merchant on my Kaboodle links, only the product info. So My Kaboodle links are compliant with the agreement letter.

    However my Squidoo lenses drive traffic direct to the merchant and the merchant is named, therefore I am non-compliant with the agreement letter. I will be taking my Squidoo lenses down today to ensure that I don't violate the terms of the agreement letter.

    It would be great if other NY affiliates could post the names of other entities like Kaboodle and Squidoo where we have to be careful to not violate the terms of the agreement letter, as well as how we might revise our properties on these entities to remain in compliance.

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    I think you have to look at product or theme specific squidoo lenses now. Mattress toppers would be a good example, since we discussed it earlier.

    Then leave all the branding off, and put Click here to Buy instead.

    Note: You can also still use lenses to promote your own affiliate sites, much like with newsletters, etc.
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