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    A week ago, I called AT&T to see about making changes to my wireless service. I wanted the same deal they were offering their new customers. Since I was a 9-year customer at AT&T, I was penalized and couldn't get the same deal new customers got.

    So I cancelled my service and became a new customer with their competition. This left a credit balance of over $40 on my account. I was told I would need to call back AFTER the service had actually ended to request a refund.


    My service ended yesterday. Today, I called to request MY MONEY be refunded to me. I once again have to go through the gauntlet of entering my phone number, last four digits of my Social Security number, my zip code, etc., only to get placed on hold.

    Finally, a human being comes on the line. They need my phone number, last four digits of my Social Security number, my zip code, etc., AGAIN. Great. My time is worth nothing to them apparently.

    I am then advised that since the credit amount exceeds $30, I will need to fax them a copy of the front and back of my check to prove the credit IS MINE!!!!!

    It would seem rather obvious that the credit is indeed mine, since it's in my account. Well, no, not according to them. Someone could have written my account number on their check by accident. So I have to prove it was my check.

    This means I have to order a copy of the check from my bank, and AT&T gets to hold on to the money until some arbitrary date when they decide to return it to me.

    I told the AT&T rep this was part of the reason why they lost me as a customer. She informed me that AT&T was a GREAT COMPANY, and their policies and customer service is what makes them so great.


    From a customer stand point, AT&T customer service SUCKS!

    I hope AT&T rots and dies. They do not care about their customers, and they have no idea what good customer service is. Be sure to remember this if you're an AT&T customer, or if you're thinking about becoming one.



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    Look like they don't want to pay you back the $40 dollar. This is what make them so rich.

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    I'm sold - they suck! And always have...

    Sorry to hear of your troubles, yet another company that doesn't know they are making it difficult for their customers to be - customers.


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