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    CJ Spam ... grrrrrrrrrrrrgh.
    I swear if this keeps happening, I am filing a SPAM complaint against CJ.

    I keep getting these - oh please join my affiliate program emails. We love you so much ... yadda-yadda-yadda. Just click on apply and you can make money as if you own the printing press.

    Okay ... normally, I just hit delete ... But every once in a while they catch me with an open slot on one of my couple of hundred or so web pages, or it's in a niche that might work. So I go over, read their drivel, and click apply. And I get the famous publisher manually approves blurb.

    And then guess what ... a couple of days go by and I check the pending apps ... not there ... not in my links list either ... oh-oh, so I check and lo and behold, I have been declined.

    Well dumb (expletive deleted), what's with that ... you ask me to join, I do, you don't approve me. YOU JUST WASTED MY TIME. And that means war.

    Synovate was the culprit this time. Next time, CJ is going to get served legal papers ... Only cost $40 bucks and we will see who can waste whoms time.

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    As I've said in other threads, always hated CJ, always will. A bunch of hacks.

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    Legal papers??? What law are you alleging they've violated? Not CAN-SPAM if you've authorized them to send emails to you. Just unsubscribe from their emails and periodically check for new programs.

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    Unsubscribe ???
    Been there, done that .... they never unsubscribe you.

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