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    Yahoo to let visitors decline more targeted ads
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Yahoo Inc. will let its Web visitors decline ads targeted to their browsing habits, becoming the latest Internet company to break from a common industry practice as Congress steps up scrutiny of customized advertising and consumer privacy.

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    You Know What Is REALLY Hilarious ...
    The advertising industry thinks that datamining actually matters, when it is just pure drivel, so they can charge merchants more money for pretty ineffective pictures and silly ads.

    People will always look for, sex, food, gossip, news and necessities. The rest just depends on how they view themselves. Slice and dice them all into meaningless categories and what you end up with is a bunch of meaningless categories.

    The higest paid marketing consultant in the world - the guy makes a $100 million a year - says datamining is all a waste of time and money. What matters is how people FEEL about the relationship between themselves and the product or service.

    No amount of hard core data can tell you this information. So you have to design your ads to attack the feelings, not the pre-frontal lob. Very little data is actually relevant.

    You know why JC Penney sold $100 million online a few years ago? It was easier to fill out the online order form than the one in the catalog.

    Didn't matter one bit if they found the product in the catalog or online. However, what did matter was that the catalog listing was easier to deal with than online - plus you could take the catalog to bed an leaf thru the pages which you probably could not do with a desktop computer which was the type of machine most people had back then.

    People said the net was cannabalizing the catalog sales ... but the net was wrong. Because as soon as they cut back on the catalog being passed out, sales cratered.

    But hey the 30 somethings in the marketing department think they know it all.
    Yet most of them have never read Claude Hopkin's book, Scientific Advertising.

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