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    Adding 120x600 Skyscraper Banner Ads to Wordpress
    Ok the sites Removed and I'm about ready to start adding ads from Commission Junction. I want to add a 120x600 skyscraper banner ad under the meta section on the right hand side. Also, How would I make it to show more than 1 skyscraper banner ad on the main page but only 1 on a sub page.. Thank you for you help..
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    If you're using the free Wordpress (on their site and not on your own domain) you might find help in the Wordpress help section. I think there's a link somewhere to a forum, too, but you'll have to check. Also, if it's on their site, you can just contact them for instructions. You can't, however, if it's on your own domain because they don't offer support for that. Regardless, if you just email them with your question, they will either answer or refer you to a place where you can get an answer.


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